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New Jersey Police Surgeons (NJPS) is a non-profit organization that exists to serve as a liaison between police departments and law enforcement personnel that are injured or may require medical attention during a crisis or emergency situation.  We work alongside first responders to provided basic medical assessment to the patient and offer tactical medical support to the police department in accordance with state and federal regulation.  We will also support the departments by providing health and wellness lectures, screenings, and preventative programs as requested.

Police Surgeon Providers:

Our panel of health care providers are quite diverse to cover all facets of health and wellness support.  Providers consist of various medical specialists, rehabilitation experts, dental specialists, portal of entry providers, as well as holistic health care providers.  We provide fast access to health care services, limiting the customary delay in getting in to see the doctor or provider of your choice.  Furthermore, our goal is to provide preferential treatment to the law enforcement officers and community to reduce wait times, first or last patient of the day appointments and coordinated care among the network of other Police Surgeons.  By doing this law enforcement will be the provided with the best outcomes, least amount of frustration, and the greatest opportunity to receive the quality and timely care officers deserve!

Our Primary Care Physicians,  Orthopedic Physicians,  Physical Therapists, Chiropractic Physicians, Plastic Surgeons, Ear-Nose-Throat Physicians,  Pain Management Physicians,  Dentists, Obstetricians/Gynecologists,  Acupuncturists, Neurologists, Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Social Workers, Neurosurgeons, Veterinarians as well as many other specialists are all Board Certified and Licensed health care providers in their respective fields.  Every provider was hand selected for their desire to work with law enforcement personnel and give back to their community.  We all follow the philosophy of “what’s best for the patient” using a team-oriented treatment approach.  We have excellent working relationships and together we can cross refer to all specialists due to the mutual respect and understanding for each other’s specialized talents and skills.


We welcome the opportunity to add additional health care providers who fulfill the goals vision of the Association.  All Police Surgeons must meet a strict credentialing process by the Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of the Surgeon General’s protocols for Medical Reserve Corp membership, which is a pre-requisite to becoming a member of the New Jersey Police Surgeons.  Furthermore, we request and desire the opportunity to take recommendations for local providers that law enforcement personnel and their families have a positive experience utilizing.


NJPS maintains the highest standards of professionalism and utilize a panel of healthcare providers that are purpose orientated and law abiding.  We prohibit those that are chemically dependent to illegal or mind altering substances.  We will abide by the by laws of the organization and honor the code of conduct set forth.  In addition, we will uphold the provisions for conflicts of interest and maintain accurate financial records as part of our non profit status.

We look forward to serving the ones that serve and protect our communities!

Barry H. Rizzo Jr., D.C.
Chief Surgeon/President

Andrew King, M.D.
Assistant Chief Surgeon/Treasurer

Glenn Zuck, D.O.
Assistant Chief Surgeon/Secretary

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